links to other candy-candy site

I had around 58 sites in the past, but after doing some quick survey, many of the sites have disappeared :( If you have a good URL, please let me know. Please notice: LINKS are specified to CANDY - CANDY WEBSITES ONLY.

  1. OFFICIAL SITE: Yumiko Igarashi [Japanese]
    My comment: Yumiko Igarashi is the drawing artist of Candy - candy. This web is great for you who love her drawing.
  2. OFFICIAL SITE: Kyoko Mizuki's Website [Japanese]
    My comment: Kyoko Mizuki is the other name of Keiko Nagita. She's the author of Candy - candy story. Unfortunately, the website uses Japanese so I understand nothing :(
  3. Candy Candy and Terri's Page [English]
  4. Nane's Candy Candy Page [English]
  5. Candy-candy's Links [English & Espanol]
  6. Candy-candy's Goods [Espanol]
    Arrrghhh!!!! Very cute Candy doll! ^^
  7. IMDB: Candy-candy's 1976 [English]
  8. Wikipedia: Candy-candy [English]