faq - frequently asked questions

1. Where could I get the comic books?

Most messages in my guestbook have the same question. Now it's very difficult to find the hardcopy. Fortunately I got the comic in softcopy, in 1 (one) DVD. If you're interested, I could share it, you only need to pay the cost for the blank DVD and shipping. Hope it could be a little help. Sorry, I could only have it delivered in Indonesia.

2. Where could I get the Candy-candy VCD/DVD?

I got the same problem, never found the complete series of the Candy-candy, either in VCDs or DVDs. So, please stop asking me the same thing :D Appreciate if you could help me with info about places selling this COMPLETE series. (Yes I know they did sell the series but AFAIK it's not complete yet)

3. Could I buy the Candy-candy comic books from you?

Oops, sorry... I won't sell my precious collection :) If you're interested in the softcopy version, please read the FAQ #1.