download the multimedia files

I lost around 10 Candy-candy video clips while moving this site from Geocities :( These are the only files left...

  1. Opening song v.1 [Format .mid, 100 KB] Download
  2. Opening song v.2 [Format .mid, 5.31 KB] Download
  3. Terry [Format .mid, 2.61 KB] Download
  4. Terry and the Harmonica [Format .mid, 9.62 KB] Download
  5. White Candy [Format .mid, 173 KB] Download
  6. Dance Anthony & Candy [Format .mid, 4.77 KB] Download

Real Player Files:

  1. Opening song of the 1970 Series [Format .rm, 502 KB] Download
  2. "She is the one!" [Format .rm, 469 KB] Download
    I really love this clip, when Candy was adopted by Audrey family and first appeared as a lady... Anthony was speechless! ^^

For more video clips, please go to YouTube: Candy-candy