VCD and the anime

Boxset cover of Candy-Candy Movie 1992The anime's (cartoon) main story is 80% similar to the manga, with some (Okay, I have to say MANY) additional scenes. For Anthony fans like me ^^ it provides a better understanding about Anthony character, since the first 12 episodes are about Candy & Anthony's relationship (not like the manga, only 2 books T-T) The anime was started in Japan on October 1, 1976 until February 2, 1979. The duration was 115 episodes and broadcasted by TV Asahi under Toei Animation. Unfortunately, no one has the complete series so the ending was unknown.

As far as I know, the anime was published in three versions.

  1. Series; episode #1-13 (until Anthony's death)
  2. Series; episode #1-12 (until Candy meets Terry at St Paul's college, London)
  3. Movie; 3 different titles: Candy-Candy Movie 1992, The Call Of Spring / The May Festival and Candy's Summer Vacation.

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Opening movie (series)



Ending Movie (series)