Mitos-mitos WordPress

February 23rd, 2008

Explanations about Common Wordpress Myths & Facts: (buat rekan yang kemarin menjapri saya soal WordPress, semoga bisa cukup menjelaskan — WordPress bukan free-hosting.)

Screenshot WordPress

1. WordPress is a Website Builder.

No Sherlock, WordPress is a blogging CMS and that is a fact. Although, there are themes and plugins which will make your WordPress blog look like a website.

2. I can use all the plugins in the world and they will rise my WordPress blog to fame.

I am sorry to say but you are mistaken if you think so. WordPress is a blogger’s nightmare when it comes to CPU usage. It can bring any kind of server (even enterprise ones) to its knees and most of the plugins are not optimized for their SQL queries. Plugins are notorious for causing high CPU usage on servers. So, be careful on what and how many plugins you activate on your blog.

3. WordPress is limited to

Many new users think what WordPress can only be used if they have an account on It’s not so. Yes, offers free blogs to people who do not have hosting or a domain name but on the other hand, offers WordPress in the form of a software that can be downloaded and installed either locally (if you are running a server) or on your own hosting if you have any.

4. I can use blogger templates on WordPress and vice versa.

No. You cannot do that because coding for both kind of templates differs in many ways. Although, there are people who convert templates from one platform to another.

5. WordPress is only for hobby blogs.

Please search a little more, and you will find that a heap of professional bloggers are using WordPress as their blogging platform.

6. It’s easy for WordPress blogs to get hacked.

No. Just update your WordPress installation to the latest one and keep a track on the released security fixes. WordPress is as secure as any other normal website.

7. WordPress has little or no documentation.

Not true. If you look at, you will find almost everything that you ever needed to know about WordPress. Also, if you search the Internet, you can find a heap of information readily available.

8. What… Only 10 widgets to use on my sidebars??

Please lookup and you will find lots of plugins that extend this functionality and allow you unlimited widgets on your sidebars. For example, this one :-

9. Where do I buy WordPress from?

Good question. I wish someone could charge you for asking that, but WordPress is a free software.

Tambahan dari saya: you only need to put a link back — unfortunately most people tend to ‘forget’ it ^^, including me in the beginning ^^