I work, because…

June 4th, 2011

I work, because… it gives my life a balance. It gives nutrition to my way of thinking, it helps me understand others n learn from them.

And when I talk about working, my definition is not always about going to an office and get salary from a company. It is not always about having a title; a secretary, an account executive, an account manager, a marketing manager… Even being a housewife means working. Even being a stay-at-home mom. It depends on how you see what you are doing right now.

I choose to work. On everything. I choose to do something. Because I think it is my way to stop thinking about myself. People tend to be selfish. Me, me and me. Working makes me understand, how if I were at her position. How if I got that kind of complain and it is even not my fault. How if I came home after a very tiring day, and the first thing my wife said is “Thank goodness! Finally you could take over this kid from me!” (yeah, I did that, lucky I have a very understanding husband ^^)

I work because… I just love it! Learning about new things, meeting exciting people, sharing ‘old’ ideas which sometimes becoming new after combined with others’… How about you?