How to sync my contacts from Mac to Blackberry device

May 15th, 2012

I write this, simply to remind myself once I want to update my Blackberry contacts later on, since I spent (read: WASTED) my one hour only to find the work around! So here it is, thanks to the Blackberry Forum!

1. On Mac: Go into System Preferences>iCloud. Uncheck your address book. Don’t forget to BACKUP them first. Export to .abbu file and keep it in the safe place, since the warning will say something like “this will erase all the contacts from your Mac…etc” Trust me, you WILL NOT want that :D
2. Open Address Book application on Mac. Go to Preferences. Set the default account to Mac instead of icloud. Some people didn’t do that so this didn’t work.
3. Open up the BlackBerry Desktop software.
4. Sync your contacts.
5. Done! You’ll find all your contacts from Address Book (Mac) in your Blackberry. Don’t forget to go back into iCloud prefs and check Address Book again!

PS: I’ve never found this kind of frustration on iPhone X(

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