I work, because…

June 4th, 2011

I work, because… it gives my life a balance. It gives nutrition to my way of thinking, it helps me understand others n learn from them.

And when I talk about working, my definition is not always about going to an office and get salary from a company. It is not always about having a title; a secretary, an account executive, an account manager, a marketing manager… Even being a housewife means working. Even being a stay-at-home mom. It depends on how you see what you are doing right now.

I choose to work. On everything. I choose to do something. Because I think it is my way to stop thinking about myself. People tend to be selfish. Me, me and me. Working makes me understand, how if I were at her position. How if I got that kind of complain and it is even not my fault. How if I came home after a very tiring day, and the first thing my wife said is “Thank goodness! Finally you could take over this kid from me!” (yeah, I did that, lucky I have a very understanding husband ^^)

I work because… I just love it! Learning about new things, meeting exciting people, sharing ‘old’ ideas which sometimes becoming new after combined with others’… How about you?

One Response to “I work, because…”

  1. Indri S P says:

    Salam kenal… Nice way at redefining work. I love your last paragraph too. Reminding me of a banner I saw passing Sukhumvit 39: “A dream alone remains a dream. A dream shared becomes a reality”. Welcome to the big mango :)

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