I’m crazy of Disney Tangled!!!

February 27th, 2011


Finally, Disney is back…!!! Setelah tahun-tahun terakhir gue mempertanyakan gimana ceritanya dulu jaman sekolah gue bisa-bisanya obsessed dengan mengumpulkan (bahkan membeli) semua majalah dan koran yang memuat review soal film Disney (animasi) yang lagi tayang di bioskop, (starting by Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin…) now I got the answer.

Setelah beragam film Disney yang akhirnya bikin gue ga antusias lagi – I fell in love again with Disney. *hug*

TANGLED is cute, fun and romantic! Dan diluar storynya yang emang fairy-tale abis, “keanggunan” princess khas Disney yang kentel banget di Sleeping Beauty dan Cinderella, terdobrak kembali. Rapunzel is the modern version of Arial from The Little Mermaid — and like I always love Ariel, I also love Rapunzel :D

I love the scenes, the comedy, the chemistry, the way Eugene looked at Rapunzel (at the first time he noticed her  and for sure at the romantic scenes ^^), especially I love the Alan Menken’s songs (definitely “I See The Light” soundtrack… brilliant! Luv every single of the moment, and when Zachary Levi sang his part, amazing… I’m thrilled by his voice!) If you are fans of Tangled too, check out this review of Wolfen Moondaughter: it’s very-very detail and brought up smiles :)

Think I will be obsessed to Disney again! (hope they give special attention for these princesses’ things ^^)

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